What We Offer

Helping Hands has been a recognized name in the Indian Domestic Help and Maid service industry for over a decade. Helping Hands carry a range of services to suit every family's requirement great or small. Helping Hands services includes: maid services, professional cooks, drivers, nurses, patient care, child care, baby care, nannies, governess, housekeeping services, facility management services etc

Housemaids When you know, it is always a race against time and it is tough to attend to the household chores, you actually need a full time /part time maid. You would also at the same time think twice before entrusting your valuables and children / loved ones in someone whom you have never met or have not known before. Helping Hands provides an ideal solution to the problem providing you with a reliable maid who could do all your household chores effectively and also is thoroughly vetted. The organization probes into the background and checks it to ensure the maid is trustworthy and reliable.

Home Cooks Do you think that you hardly have any time to search for a home cook and it is quite tough to strike a fine balance between your professional and personal life? If yes, then you are at the right place. Helping Hands is the new way to hire good, vetted and experienced cooks. We understand that such a task is tedious, and we assure that your needs are well understood and fulfilled. Handover your requirements to us and simply relax while we take care of the rest.

Baby Sitters Do you find it difficult to take care of your child when you are always tied up in a hectic schedule? If ‘yes’, then you should contact Helping Hands right now. We extend a helping hand to find a responsible, caring and honest nanny to take care of your child. The child care taker that we help select would monitor safety and nurture your child well when you are away. You can provide detailed instructions to fix the nannie’s responsibilities such as providing snacks/food at certain times of the day, taking your child to the park, pick up and drop at the tuition etc. We take every step to ensure that the care taker is a responsible and a reliable person.

Senior Citizen Care Helping Hands is surely the way to find someone compassionate to take care of the elderly living with you. No matter how complicated it may be, Helping Hands takes care of the responsibility of finding the right elderly caretaker for you. Whether you are busy as a bee or always on a business trip, you no longer need to worry about your elderly. If you are the person who has aging parents staying with them and is in search of someone who would always attend to them then you are at the right place. The care takers we source are trustworthy, kind and responsible. They take care of everything your elderly would need. It could be providing medicines on a regular basis, helping them move around the house, feeding them or be a good listener whenever needed. In fact, we believe in making a difference to every household through our commitment. A little love goes a long way.

Drivers At Helping Hands , you could trust our drivers, who are skilled at driving all kinds of vehicles no matter how far the road appears rough. Truly, you could bid farewell to your fears, as a vibrant and a medically fit individual would arrive right at your doorstep to serve you. Regardless of how much the roads might be brimming with activity, the person would be skilled at his responsibility. Besides being conscientious and careful,the chauffeurs that we select would ensure that you would have a pleasant drive along the way.

Office Boy Collecting and distributing couriers or parcels among employees and opening and sorting emails. Delivering facsimiles and transmitting them, and performing any related internet search tasks. Updating appointment calendars, creating travel vouchers, performing word processing, basic bookkeeping, and filing. Training new employee regarding the office clerical duties, when needed. Helping the receptionist, secretaries, or other administrative assistants in performing their duties.